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What is Thai Massage?

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  • What is Thai Massage?

Thai massage, also known as "Nuad Bo-Rarn" or "Thai yoga massage," is a traditional healing practice that originates from Thailand. It is a holistic approach to bodywork that combines elements of yoga, acupressure, and stretching to promote physical and mental well-being. Thai massage is performed on a floor mat, and the recipient remains fully clothed throughout the session.

Key features of Thai massage include:

  1. Yoga-Like Stretches: Thai massage incorporates passive yoga-like stretches that are performed by the practitioner on the recipient's body. These stretches help improve flexibility, increase range of motion, and release tension in muscles and joints.
  2. Acupressure Points: The practitioner uses their hands, thumbs, elbows, and sometimes even their feet to apply pressure to specific acupressure points along energy lines (sen lines) of the body. This helps stimulate energy flow, relieve blockages, and promote balance.
  3. Sen Energy Lines: Similar to the concept of meridians in traditional Chinese medicine, Thai massage focuses on sen lines to promote the movement of vital energy (prana or chi) throughout the body. Manipulating these lines is believed to support overall health and well-being.
  4. Breath Awareness: Both the practitioner and the recipient engage in mindful breathing techniques during the session. This helps enhance relaxation, improve energy flow, and deepen the stretches.
  5. Clothed Practice: Thai massage is typically performed with the recipient wearing loose and comfortable clothing. This allows for ease of movement during the stretches and ensures modesty.
  6. Four Positions: Thai massage is traditionally performed in four positions: supine (lying on the back), prone (lying face down), side-lying, and seated. Each position allows for different stretches and techniques to be applied.
  7. Holistic Approach: Thai massage is not just about physical manipulation but also encompasses elements of mindfulness, energy work, and relaxation. It is aimed at addressing not only physical tension but also promoting mental clarity and emotional balance.

Thai massage is known for its many potential benefits, including:

  • Improved flexibility and range of motion
  • Reduced muscle tension and stiffness
  • Enhanced energy flow and circulation
  • Stress reduction and relaxation
  • Relief from chronic pain, headaches, and back pain
  • Improved posture and body alignment

It's important to note that while Thai massage can be highly therapeutic, it may not be suitable for everyone. Individuals with certain medical conditions, recent injuries, or specific health concerns should consult a qualified healthcare provider before undergoing Thai massage. Additionally, seeking a trained and experienced practitioner is crucial to ensure a safe and effective session.

What is the expectation from Siri Thai Massage?

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  • The Expectation from Siri Massage

You can generally expect a comfortable and relaxing environment where trained massage therapists provide various types of massage therapies to address your specific needs. These could include:

  1. Consultation: Your session may start with a brief consultation where the therapist asks about your preferences, any specific areas of concern, and your health history.
  2. Privacy: You'll have a private space where you can change and get comfortable before the massage.
  3. Relaxation Area: Some places might have a relaxation area where you can wait before your session and unwind afterward.
  4. Choice of Massage: Depending on the type of massage place, you may have options for different types of massages such as Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, aromatherapy, Thai massage, or others.
  5. Skilled Therapists: The massage will be performed by skilled and trained therapists who will use various techniques to address your needs and preferences.
  6. Comfortable Setting: The massage room will typically have dimmed lighting, soothing music, and a comfortable massage table.
  7. Use of Oils or Lotions: Depending on the type of massage, the therapist may use oils, lotions, or other products to enhance the massage experience.
  8. Duration: Massages can vary in length, usually ranging from 30 minutes to 90 minutes or longer.
  9. Post-Massage Relaxation: After the massage, you'll likely have a few moments to relax on the massage table and enjoy the post-massage effects.
  10. Hydration: Some places may offer you water after the massage to help you stay hydrated.

Remember that each massage place may have its own unique offerings and atmosphere, so it's a good idea to contact them directly or visit their website to get more information about what you can expect during your visit. If you have any specific questions about your upcoming massage, I recommend reaching out to Siri Thai Massage directly for accurate and personalized details.

Why choose us?

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  • Why choose us?

We understand that you have choices when it comes to massage services, and we're thrilled to share with you why we believe we're the ideal choice for your relaxation and wellness needs.

1. Expert Therapists: Our team of highly trained and experienced massage therapists are dedicated to providing personalized treatments tailored to your specific preferences and concerns. Their expertise ensures that you receive the highest quality care during your session.

2. Variety of Services: We offer a diverse range of massage techniques and treatments, from traditional Thai Massage, Thai-Combo and Thai Herbal massages to specialized therapies like Thai Oil, Thai Balm, hot stone massage and Thai aromatherapy. This variety allows you to choose the perfect massage to suit your individual needs.

3. Tranquil Environment: Our spa is designed to create a serene and soothing atmosphere, providing you with a peaceful escape from the stresses of everyday life. Immerse yourself in a calming ambiance that enhances your overall relaxation experience.

4. Client-Centered Approach: Your comfort and well-being are our top priorities. We take the time to listen to your concerns and preferences, ensuring that every aspect of your massage session is tailored to meet your unique requirements.

5. Exceptional Customer Service: From the moment you step into our spa until the time you leave, our friendly and attentive staff are here to make your experience exceptional. We strive to exceed your expectations at every turn.

6. Clean and Hygienic Facilities: We adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene to provide you with a safe and comfortable environment for your massage session.

7. Affordable Luxury: We believe that everyone deserves to experience the benefits of massage therapy. Our competitive pricing ensures that you can enjoy a high-quality massage without breaking the bank.

8. Convenient Scheduling: We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Whether you need a quick midday relaxation session or a longer weekend retreat, we're here to cater to your schedule.

We genuinely appreciate the opportunity to serve you and provide you with a memorable massage experience. Should you have any questions or wish to book your session, please don't hesitate to reach out. We look forward to welcoming you to Siri Thai Massage and helping you achieve a state of relaxation and well-being.

Siri Thai Massagers Certified & approved?

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  • Certified & approved?

Siri Thai Massagers are CMT, (All are certified massage therapists) trained with world champion Thai massagers, and gold standard traditional Thai massagers from Thailand and the best around the world.

How often should I get a massage?

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  • How often should I get a massage?

Depending on how much tightness you have. Your therapist can make a recommendation on frequency when you come in for your massage session.

Siri Thai Massage accept health insurance?

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  • Siri Thai Massage accept health insurance?

We do not accept health insurance, but we do accept HSA/FSA cards. We can also provide you with receipts for your services with us, and you can check with your insurance company to see if they will cover any of the cost.


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  • Payment
  • Payment is expected at the time of service, unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • We accept [methods of payment, e.g., cash, credit card, etc.]

Booking Appointments

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  • Booking Appointments:
  • Clients are encouraged to book appointments in advance to secure their preferred date, time, and therapist.
  • Same-day appointments are subject to availability.

Arrival Time

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  • Arrival Time
  • Clients are advised to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time. Late arrivals may result in a shortened session or rescheduling.

Dress Code

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  • Dress Code
  • Thai massage is typically performed with the client in loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. Clients can wear their own or use the attire provided by us.

Professionalism and Respect

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  • Professionalism and Respect
  • All massages are therapeutic in nature. Any inappropriate behavior or comments by clients will result in immediate termination of the session without refund.
  • Our therapists are trained professionals and are expected to uphold the highest standards of conduct. Clients should report any discomfort or dissatisfaction immediately.

Age Requirement

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  • Age Requirement
  • Clients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Cancellation and No-Show Policy?

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  • Cancellation and No-Show Policy?

Clients not giving 24 hours notice of cancellation/reschedule or No-shows may be charged the full session rate of the scheduled service fee to the card used to hold the appointment. We send out appointment reminders via text and email 48 and 24 hours in advance of your appointment in order to give you the time to make changes if needed.


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